The treasure of the Islamic Revolution of the martyrs and the holy defense of Aran and Bidgol

The treasure of the Islamic Revolution of the martyrs and the holy defense of Aran and Bidgol

Considering the role of the religious and revolutionary people of Aran and Bidgol in the uprising of June 6, 1942 and the victory of the Islamic Revolution and their widespread presence in the 8 years of holy defense, it is necessary to create a treasure to preserve the material and spiritual relics left by the martyrs.This city and the historical documents of the struggle and courage of the people of this border and region were felt during the Revolution and the eight years of holy defense.

This city with the dedication of 736 martyrs and more than 1400 veterans, 64 freedmen, 6000 fighters, 54 families of two martyrs is proud to gain the first rank of self-sacrifice in the country according to its population and the martyrdom of 1 out of every 87 people in the city is an epic sign of this.The region is from Iran

It is worth mentioning that 90 people are buried in the holy bodies of the citizens of Aran and Bidgol in Kashan, Qom, Tehran, etc., which is added to the statistics of the above martyrs.

The content of this treasure includes the introduction of the martyrs before the victory of the Revolution, the role of the city in the Islamic Revolution, from the beginning to the victory according to the image and document.

A summary of the biographies and wills of the martyred commanders, the introduction of the special model of self-sacrifice of the city, the display of the relics of the martyrs, the introduction of the published books of the Holy Defense are other contents of this collection.

Obviously, presenting this treasure to the public will be a very valuable work, because by reviewing the wills of these loved ones and paying attention to their wishes and their precious way, not only will it save us from getting lost in this mortal world, but also with the help of God,We are going to be a star in the desert of our lives.God willing, we will be able to bring this time to its true home and place at this special historical moment, and we ask for your help in this way, not materially, but spiritually and intellectually.

Macro Treasure Goals:

1- Preserving the works and spreading the values of holy defense and promoting the culture of resistance, self-sacrifice, jihad and martyrdom in the city

2- Researching, identifying, collecting, preserving, compiling written and unwritten works related to preserving the works and values of sacred defense in the city

3- Establishing relations with veterans and warriors of the holy defense in order to inform and publish different angles of the holy defense and benefit from their scientific abilities by holding memorials and warriors' gatherings and meeting with the families of martyrs and martyrs in the city during the year

4- Preparing, compiling values, facts and realities and achievements of the Islamic Revolution and holy defense in written form (printing books, pamphlets, etc.) and meeting (film and CD) and launching the site of Desert Stars in the city

5- Creating the necessary opportunities and facilities for conducting the required research on issues related to the Islamic Revolution and Holy Defense in the city to present to students by printing books and producing CDs and launching a specialized library of Holy Defense and selling books of cultural products.At the city level.

The actions of the treasures of the Islamic Revolution of the martyrs and the holy defense of Aran and Bidgol cities since their establishment (2004) until now:

1- Collecting biographies, wills, memoirs, photos and videos of 700 martyrs of the city and publishing 18 books

2- Collecting, classifying and exploiting more than ten thousand photos of the city's warriors during the holy defense

3- Preparing charts of martyrs (15 charts including age charts, membership, burial place, names of martyrs, comparative charts of the number of martyrs in the cities of Isfahan province, country, name of operation, burial place (Golzar Shohada, year of martyrdom)

4- Preparation of martyrs' license plates by operations in dimensions of 70 * 50 colors (Karbala 4 and 5 Jerusalem, Muharram, Ramadan, Khyber, Badr, etc.)

5- Pursuing the preparation of satellite maps of Khuzestan and Ilam provinces and explaining large operations for visitors

6- Special preparation of 52 weekly magazines on a weekly basis and installation in a special showcase in the holy shrine of Hazrat Mohammad Hilal Ibn Ali (AS) and commemoration of the martyrs of the week

7- Preparing the banner of the martyrs as a separate operation for the 3 * 6 billboard in front of the holy shrine of Mohammad Hilal Ibn Ali (AS) in order to commemorate the martyrs of the city

8- Collecting the works of the martyrs from the houses of their parents (clothes / clothes / flask, etc.) about 300 martyrs

9- Collecting dozens of weapons, artifacts and items left over from the holy defense such as wireless, mortars, mines, bayonets, and presenting them in special treasury showcases.

10- Making showcases for presenting items and works of martyrs (15 items)

11- Launching the site of Kavir Stars in cyberspace and introducing the martyrs of the city in the form of biographies, wills, pictures and memoirs

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